About Shanan.

Shanan is a writer, creative collaborator, emcee, auctioneer and certified yoga instructor and the creator and producer of The Night Light Show with Shanan Kelley in Bend, Oregon. Shanan believes laughter is the best medicine and collaboration is key.

Shanan began her healing journey at a very young age, discovering yoga in a beauty magazine and renting dvds from the library. Early on, she identified feeling ill at ease in many of her given environments and struggled to find a community to truly be a part of.

During and after college, she found success as an improvisational and sketch comedy actor and writer but became distracted by developing professional success as a skincare therapist and business owner in the skincare and spa industry. After turning her beauty “habit” into a vocation as a licensed esthetician, the beginnings of a clearer path came into view.

Later, three successive yoga teacher certifications, two personal health crises, and the creation of the Night Light Show would propel Shanan towards what is now her life’s work. Though it may seem foreign to connect yoga, wellness, and comedy into a unique offering, to Shanan it is second nature and the most comfortable fit in the world.

The gift of laughter eases the practitioner into deeper connection to the self. The healing quality of laughter provides those who work with Shanan a gentler, more accessible approach to wellness. She is at ease in groups of all sizes as well as working with individuals. She is also just as much at ease in the independent realm as she is the modern corporate world. A true bridge to wellness, to work with Shanan is to know a fresh path to wholeness, a unique and lasting experience of health, vitality, and balanced living.

Her yoga classes and workshops are inclusive and open to all ages and abilities. Shanan’s consistently gentle and warm approach fosters an environment of trust and comfort, securing her ability to lovingly guide participants through the process of self discovery and development.

Shanan is honored to be one of the founding members of the World Muse, working for the organization in a variety of roles since it’s inception. She has had the good fortune of working with Tony Hawk and the Tony Hawk Foundation, Rainn Wilson and Holiday Reinhorn, Michael Franti, comedian Susanna Spies, Spiritual Comedian JP Sears, NYT Bestselling Author Elyse Kopecky, Writer Pixie Lighthorse, Unlocked Films, artists Teafly and Kaycee Anseth, musician Jared Nelson Smith, among many others. She has also collaborated with some of the country’s top brands, corporations, and non-profits including lululemon, Visit Bend, Habitat for Humanity, The World Muse, COCC Foundation, and Tedx.